Prof. Mohammad Bagher Tavakoli H.

Nationality: Iranian

Address: Dean office; Sepahan Science and Technology Institute of Higher Education; Isfahan; Iran

Tel: +98-31-36530079

E-mail: or




1976-1980………BSc in Physics (Isfahan University; Iran)

1985-1987………MSc in Medical Physics (University of Leeds, England)

1987-1990……..PhD in Medical Physics (University of Leeds; England)


II-Academic Appointments

1990-1996…………..…..Assistant Professor

1996-2003………………..Associate Professor

2003-present …………..Professor





1-    Magnetic Resonance Imaging; 1993

2-Electron Microscopes and the sample preparation techniques;  1993

4-Laser in Medicine; 1997

5-Optical Microscopes; 1997

6-Medical Physics; the Basics; 1998

7-Radiobiology and Radiation protection; 1999

8-The Physics of radiation therapy; 1999

9-Advance radiological techniques; 2004

10-Advanced Ultrasonic Physics; 2007

11-Treatment measures in radiological Emergencis; 2008

12-Medical managements in radiation emergencies; 2009

13-Basics of Nuclear medicine; 2010

14-Quality Management in Radiology systems 2013

15-Ultrasonic Physics and Instrumentation(1) ; 2014

16-Ultrasonic Physics and Instrumentation(1) ; 2014

17-Basics of Radiobiology; 2014



1-Evans JA and Tavakoli MB: Ultrasonic attenuation and velocity in bone; Physics in Medicine and Biology; 1990; 35

2-Tavakoli MB and JA Evans: Dependence of velocity and attenuation of ultrasound in bone on the mineral content; 1991; 37

3-Tavakoli MB: The effect of bone structure on the ultrasonic attenuation and velocity; Ultrasonic; 1992;30

4-Tavakoli MB: Absorbed dose to the ovaries of the patients under 131-I treatment; Isfahan University Medical school Journal; 1998; 57; 16-20 (in Farsi)

5-Tavakoli MB: Bone samples and the theoretical Models for velocity of ultrasound in bone and bone phantoms; Medical Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran; 1980; 40;

6-Asadi H and Tavakoli MB: Measurement of UV radiation form florescent lamps; Journal of research in medical sciences; 2001; 7; 70-72 (in Farsi)

7- Mansourzadeh A; Bahrainy MT and Tavakoli MB: Absorbed dose to the thyroid and lens from head and neck computed tomography; Journal of Medical school of Mashad medical university; 2001;75 (in Farsi)

8-Tavakoli MB and Padar R; Monte Carlo method of dose calculation from 198-Ir sources; Iranian Medical Physics Journal; 2003; 3; 1-3 (in Farsi)

9- Tavakoli MB; Annual radiation background in the city of Isfahn; Medical Sciences Monitor; 2003; 7; PH7-10

10-Tavakoli MB and Fatahian S: Dose to the staff of angiography department of Shahid Chamran Hospital; Journal of Medical School of Isfahan University of Medical Sciencs; 2004; 72; 53-57

11-Tavakoli MB, Saeb M, Emami H.: Assessment of radiation dose to the chest wall and lung of patients with breast cancer undergoing electron beam therapy. 2004; 73;41-45

12-Radioactive discharge from patients with thyroid cancer under 131-I treatment and its safe disposal to public drainage; Medical Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran; 2004; 18; 273-276



IV-Conference attendances

1991…..Ultrasonic bone analysis; Forth medical engineering Conference; University of Amir Kabir ; Tehran; Iran

1991…..Electron Microscopy; Second Iranian anatomical conference; Isfahan; Iran

1992…..Directional Properties of Bone; Seventh Medical Engineering congress; Sharif University; Tehran; Iran


1992…..Dependence of  UVB, BUA and MCS; Fifth conference  of Medical engineering; University of Elm and Sanat; Tehran; Iran

1992 …..Dependence of DPA and  physical quantities of bone;  Sixth Medical Physics and Medical Engineering conferences; Tabriz; Iran University

1994…..Laser in surgery workshop; Shadid Beheshty hospital; Isfahan, Iran

2002…..Construction of ultrasonic test object; Fifth Medical Physics conference; Tarbit Modares University; Tehran; Iran

2002…..Absorbed dose to the patients from OPG; Fifth Medical physics conference; Tarbiat Modaress University; Tehran; Iran

2002…..Annual radiation background in Isfahn City; AOCRP-1; Seoul; South Korea;

2003…..Radioactive waste discharge from patient with thyroid cancer under 131-I treatment; Vianna; Austrai

2004…..Assessment of radiation dose to the chest wall and lung of the patients with breast cancer under electron beam therapy; Madrid; Spain



V-Supervision of Theses and Dissertations

1-Gadolinium-hematoporophyrins as specific MR imaging contrast agents for detection of breast cancer cell line (MDF-7); MSc Project

2-Effects of argon laser on chromosomes of the lymphocytes of periphery bloods; Biophysics MSc Project

3-Dose to the thyroid of the patients under 16 years of age referring to the OPG radiography; MSc project

4-Measurement of absorbed dose to the thyroid and lens of the patients in CT of the head and neck; MSc Project

5-Design and construction of an antemorphic body phantom for radiation treatment planning; MSc project

6-Design and construction of a teaching spirometer; MSc project

7-Thyroid absorbed dose in preapical radiography of the teeth and comparison with OPG dose; MSc project

8-Assessment of dose distribution in treatment of breast cancer with Co photon; MSc project

9-Assessment of heat distribution in liver irradiated with Co2 laser using finalelement method and comparison with the experimental results

10-Design and construction  of ultrasonic test object for quality control; MSc project

11-Assessment of radiation exposure to the industrial radiation workers; MSc project

12-Assessment of physical parameters of amalgams containing Zn elements; MSc project

13-Assessment of fluoroscopic instruments functions in Isfahan hospital angiography departments; MSc project

14-Measurement of absorbed dose to the angiography departments personals; MSc project

15-Assessment of radiation dose to the lung of the mastectomy patient with breast cancer treated by electron beam; MSc project

16-Design and construction of an ultrasonic pulse echo technique for measurement of vessels elasticity; MSc project

17-Design and construction of a mammography test  object; MSc project

18-Design and construction of a thermometer dosimeter: MSc project

19-Design and construction of pulse oxymeter; Medical Engineering MSc project



VI-Appointments (a few samples)

1-    Head of medical physics and medical engineering department  from (1993-1998)

2-    Head of medical instrumentation department of Isfahan University of   Medical Sciences (IUMS)(1994-1998)

3-    Head of health  physics department (1996-2005)

4-    Award of distinct university teacher of IUMS 1994

5-    Award of distinct university researcher of IUMS 2003

6-    Vice Chancellor of Isfahan University of Medical sciences (1998-2006)

7-    Head of department of medical Physics and Medical Engineering Department (2006-now)  

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