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Sepahan Institute of Higher Education, Science and Technology's security department works in order to protect and safeguard the high values of the holy system of the Islamic Republic and create order and cohesion in the university's organizational structure to provide suggestions and appropriate solutions to detect any deviations and violations in executive affairs. And send the necessary reports and instructions in this regard to the competent authorities. In fact, the main task of security is to take care of the health of the organization, because every organization needs external and internal health to achieve its goals. Since the health of any organization is always exposed to infections and internal and intrusive threats, to maintain health and prevent infections, we need a system that carefully "firstly" prevents the penetration of pests into the system. Secondly, with diagnosis And recognition of internal pests, to provide timely treatment for the health of the organization.

Therefore, the presence of security in the field of organizational processes, is always in order to achieve the following two main goals

1- Macro and strategic goal: maintaining and promoting the protection and security capabilities of the organization in order to advance organizational goals
2- Operational objectives: Accompanying and assisting managers by providing effective consultations and timely information, effective monitoring and effective measures to comprehensively protect the safety and health of organizational resources
Security performance can be summarized in the context of the following tasks::
1- Protecting and protecting academics, including staff, faculty members and students, and preventing any aggression against them
2- Discovering and confronting the conspiracies of foreign and domestic enemies of the Islamic Revolution in order to tarnish the social security of the university environment.
3- Discovering and dealing with crimes, political, security and administrative violations of the university staff and announcing them to the relevant authorities
4- Implementing the rules and instructions of physical protection, protection of documents and protectioniT
5- Supervising the physical protection of the university and preparing physical protection plans
6- Issuing traffic licenses to persons, vehicles and vehicles to the open campus of the university
7- Submitting reports of violations and anomalies in the university environment about students, staff and faculty members and reviewing them in the disciplinary committee and the administrative violations committee.

The job description of the security department can be defined and approved in several areas and departments :

1 Personal protection
2 Protection and classification of documents
Physical protection
5 Electronic and IT protection
Note: Dear students, faculty and staff, you can share any suggestions and information in any of the above areas related to university issues with the security officer by phone or in person or in writing.

Communication with security :
Contact number: 36530241 Internal: 154

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