Student Scientific Society

In order to support, strengthen and promote scientific culture and ethics in the country's universities, strengthen the morale and scientific vigor of talented and capable students and provide suitable grounds for collective scientific activities, as well as use their capabilities and creativity in the realization of scientific development and science production movement. The software movement of student scientific associations of different fields of knowledge with the support of universities and higher education institutions of the country are formed and operate in accordance with the provisions of this bylaw.

The most important scientific activities of student-scientific associations are::
1- Scientific debate and criticism
2- Symposia and specialized meetings
3- Scientific studies and researches
4- Publication and promotion of scientific findings
5- Educational assistance activities

Some examples and areas of activity of associations and unions of scientific associations are::
1- Holding supplementary and strengthening training courses and forming specialized workshops.
2- Holding and cooperating in the implementation of festivals, conferences and scientific competitions (domestic and foreign).
3- Production and publication of scientific journals, books and electronic journals, computer software and scientific-educational films.
4- Planning and conducting scientific visits to scientific, industrial and technological centers.
5- Supporting and encouraging material and spiritual initiatives, scientific creations and research activities.

Objectives of forming student scientific associations:
1- Creating a suitable ground for the flourishing of talents, stimulating students' scientific creativity.
2- Increasing the participation and competition of students in collective activities and institutionalizing these activities.
3- Supporting scientific-student activities and guiding students in education and research.
4- Strengthening and strengthening the ties of the higher education system with different sections of society.
5- Deepening the knowledge and scientific insight of students by using the scientific potential of faculty members.

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