Entrepreneurship and growth

A growth center or incubator is one of the tools of economic growth that is established to support educated entrepreneurs and provide the ground for new companies by providing public facilities and facilities. The use of growth centers is now considered as one of the accepted tools to turn creativity and scientific and research achievements into marketable products and entrepreneurship development. Today, there are more than 3,000 incubators worldwide, most of which are located in the United States and Japan.

مرکز رشد دانشگاه سپاهان :
Sepahan University Growth and Entrepreneurship Center provides support services for the creation and development of new professions by students and graduates in the form of support packages to prepare for effective and independent presence in the field of economic and technological development at national and transnational levels.

خدمات پشتیبانی
Support and help students with ideas to get a unit in growth centers

خدمات مشاوره ای و آموزشی
Holding training courses in the field of business management
Providing consulting services
Informing the needs of the industry to the technology units and facilitating communication with them
Informing the needs of the industry to job-seeking students

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