Institute Publishing Unit

In order to organize and support the activities of students and professors and to regulate such activities, to institutionalize a free space for constructive criticism and dialogue, as well as to create comprehensive opportunities for journalism skills and improve the general and specialized knowledge of this unit was set up in the institute.

Description of the duties of the publications unit :
1- Issuing a license to publish a journal and following up on the qualification of applicants in the Journal Supervisory Committee.
2- Review of special training classes for responsible managers and members of the editorial board of publications.
3- Checking the level of publications in accordance with the journal classification plan and providing services in accordance with the degree of publication.
4- Communicating and coordinating the meetings of the committee supervising the publications.
5- Communication and coordination with the owners of privileges, the managers in charge of student publications and the editors-in-chief in holding a press conference.
6- Preparing the required forms related to publications (publication application form, printing and licensing form of printing house, etc., publication form of publications, classification form.)
7- Forming a file and issuing licenses for publications that have received approval for issuing their publishing licenses from the Journal Supervision Committee.
8- Following up the complaints and sending it to the Publications Supervisory Committee for review.
9- Communicating and coordinating with the head of the university printing house and supervising the printing of publications.
10- Holding election meetings of the representatives of the responsible managers in the Publications Supervisory Committee and the Central Supervisory Council.
11- Timely information for the participation of responsible managers in conferences, competitions, festivals and preparation in the archives of journals.
12- Distribution of published publications to summon the members of the Supervisory Committee, the Central Supervisory Council and the coordination of the relevant units..
13- Documenting information and preparing relevant reports.
14. Coding and yearling of publications.
15- Updating the archives.
16- Changing the comprehensive information of publications.
17- Update comprehensive information.

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