Introducing Sepahan Psychological Services Center

Psychology and Counseling Services Center of Sepahan Higher Education Institute, with the official permission of the Organization of Psychology and Counseling, with license number 1032-M, is ready to provide services in various fields of psychology and counseling.
In order to promote counseling and psychological services and help dear citizens, all services of this center are provided with special discounts by experienced specialists.

Providing a variety of psychological and counseling services in person and in person:

& bull; Psychotherapy of individual and interpersonal problems (depression, anxiety, obsession, dependence, infidelity, love failure, workplace relationships, etc.)

& bull; Couple, marriage, and family counseling (couple therapy, premarital, family therapy)

& bull; Child and adolescent counseling (play therapy, measuring intelligence and talent search, providing the most up-to-date parenting styles, diagnosing hyperactivity and learning disorders, etc.)

& bull; Academic counseling (daily and weekly lesson planning, memory enhancement, stress reduction, motivation and confidence building

& bull; Performing and interpreting various personality and psychological tests

& bull; Holding psychology workshops and seminars with practical topics along with presenting a valid certificate

Address: Sepahan Shahr, end of Ghadir Boulevard, South Pasdaran Boulevard, Sepahan Higher Education Institute

contact numbers :
031- 36530003

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