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Name and surname: Engineer Mahmoud Bashandeh Khodaei
Position: Deputy of Student Affairs
Contact number: 36530241
Internal: 103

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Name and surname: Dr. Seyed Mohammad Javad Razavi
Position: Director General of Student Affairs
Contact number: 36530241
Internal: 139

Introducing the Student Vice Chancellor
The University Student Vice-Chancellor is one of the most important and active areas in the university, which implements the university's policies and policies in the field of student welfare services, planning, monitoring and implementing various programs in order to provide better welfare services to students, including Health, health, nutrition, dormitory, loans, service centers, transportation service, sports, treatment and counseling to Iranian and non-Iranian students and other missions inside and outside the organization that are assigned at the discretion of the authorities through Relevant organizational units with specific job descriptions and having organizational structure will perform the assigned tasks.

Goals and Missions
1- Improving and organizing student affairs
2- Increasing the welfare facilities of students
3- Development of hardware and software facilities and equipment required by students
4- Training efficient and effective students
5- Promoting the national and international status of the university
6- Increasing the level of physical and mental health of students
Facilities of the Student Cultural Deputy of Sepahan Institute of Higher Education, Science and Technology
Student tuition loan facility
Student dormitory facilities for male and female students
Student nutrition facilities
Camps and scientific visits to industrial centers
Tourist camps, pilgrimages
Free consulting services
Student insurance services
Cultural and sports competitions
Student Umrah Hajj facilities
Informatics services
Forming extracurricular classes (preparation for associate's degree to bachelor's degree and master's degree to master's degree)
Student marriage facilities
Formation of student scientific associations
Holding an exhibition of scientific achievements and research

Telegram channel of Sepahan University Student Cultural Vice Chancellor

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