Introducing the Physical Education Center

The Physical Education Center works for the growth and flourishing of various human dimensions by addressing the fresh and healthy activities of the sports sector. Sepahan University of Isfahan Physical Education Center in order to describe the assigned tasks and according to the social needs of students and with a general view on the issues of planning and implementation of internal and external programs and in accordance with the programs and policies of the university and the General Department of Physical Education Prepares and executes the annual calendar and plan with budget forecasting.

It should be noted that university student sports has been one of the most important poles of student sports in the country from the past until now. It doubles the category. Every year, the program also tries to pay attention to public sports in addition to championship sports and under that sports, faculty members, staff and their families.

General goals
The overall goal is the growth and flourishing of various human dimensions by engaging in happy and healthy activities in the sports sector.

minor goals
Spreading the culture of sports among academics and students to achieve a healthy society and create a vibrant generation.
Deepen religious beliefs and values ​​through sports programs and activities.
Encourage all academics to maintain their health and well-being through active participation in sports.
Efforts to improve students' health, vitality, confidence and discipline.
Creating a suitable platform for the emergence of students' sports talents as athletes, referees and coaches in order to improve the level of championship sports at the university.
Making students' leisure time fruitful through various sports activities.
Creating a suitable environment for students to cooperate in the implementation of programs for future work experience.
Creating entrepreneurship among students through participation (educational, refereeing, competitions) in performing sports activities.
Holding educational-sports classes such as training workshops and refereeing and coaching courses.
Sports development faculty members and university staff, their families.
Development of public and championship sports in order to improve the health of academics.
Forming, supporting and supervising sports associations.
Holding the High Council of Sports of the University and implementing the approvals.
Attract relevant and specialized forces
Forming, supporting and supervising sports associations.

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