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What is internship and internship? Who is the trainee?
Internship and internship is an educational process that focuses on acquiring skills along with acquiring knowledge and information to give practical experience to the applicant. Apprenticeship is actually a real activity and work, along with which, naturally, the acquisition of knowledge and knowledge in the field of work also happens.

What is an internship
Internship is an educational system in which a new generation of beginners and people who seek skills, acquire skills in the form of activities in line with the job, and sometimes in addition to skills training, also receive academic training. Apprentices can also eventually acquire specialized skills in a particular field. Internship is a win-win method in which the trainee is guided and accompanied by the employer to learn the skill and in return the trainee performs the activities desired by the employer according to his wishes; Although the trainee benefits more than the employer, because the employer takes the time and risk of the trainee's amateur activity, the trainee does not take the risk.
What is internship
Internship is another method in which a mentor is present above the intern and conveys concepts to the intern. By simply observing the work being done, the trainee becomes familiar with the method of doing the work and adds to his knowledge. Usually the intern does not do the work, but along with the tutor, he gets acquainted with the method of doing the work step by step. The trainee works, the trainee learns how to do the work. Internship is closer to theory than practice.
Internship or internship? The difference between internship and internship
As mentioned above, in one sentence we can say that internship is a practical job along with learning, but internship learning is the way of doing work and theories and scientific and knowledge topics of doing work rather than doing the work itself. Therefore, internship can bring and have more benefits for the person. Today, internships are much more practical in our country. Of course, it goes without saying that the presence of an internship professor or a university professor with the intern can be very useful; But has the same master done practical work before ?!
Who is an intern or trainee
An individual trainee is ready to enter the world of work but does not yet have enough experience to participate in a particular profession. Therefore, in order to enter a specific business field, one must first become familiar with the challenges and mazes of that business and prepare oneself to bear the burden of a business or a responsibility in a particular organization. The trainee is ready to acquire knowledge and skills. The trainee of his mind in his field is like a whiteboard that engages his mind with issues and topics related to that business during the internship by acquiring skills and knowledge at the same time along with the skill of the whiteboard. Therefore, the trainee is far ahead and more prepared than people who enter a certain field without an internship. Imagine an athlete who first warms up for half an hour for an hour of exercise. His body is ready for any movement, but a person who starts exercising without warming up may hurt himself and his team. The intern warms up exactly during the internship so that he can enter the harsh and at the same time smart world of business.
Sepahan University Internship Course
Students first take the internship course in the relevant semester, then it is necessary to take the necessary measures only on the relevant dates in accordance with the announcement of each semester that is announced in the Telegram channel of the University Student Vice Chancellor.

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