Student loan announcements and related forms

Informs all students applying for loans from the Welfare Fund of the Ministry of Science: Registration of loan applications through the student portal of the Welfare Fund of the Ministry of Science for each academic semester is based on the announcement of the Student Welfare Organization which is informed by the university on the university website every semester. Turns. These students can visit the Welfare Fund website at the following address
In the relevant chapter, submit the registration and documents to the student management of Sepahan University
It should be noted that before applying for a loan, students must read the loan guide in full using the file below. Note: Students who have already taken a loan from Bank Mehr should choose Bank Bank when applying for a loan (these students do not need to submit a degree to the university student management and only need to complete their documents in full with Bank Mehr) and students Those who have not applied for a loan before, must choose the tuition option when applying for a loan and submit the documents to the student management of the university by the specified date. Necessary documents for students who have not had a loan from Mehr Bank before are listed below. Students should download the relevant files and then submit them to the student management of the university after completion.

Tuition loan rules:

1- Not being employed in a job that requires a salary.
2- Delivering a notarized commitment document with a valid guarantor.
3 - Enrollment in the minimum number of required units according to educational regulations (as a full-time student).
4 - Unconditional in the previous two semesters
5 - Students will apply for a loan from the second semester of their studies
6 - Student loans that are conditional in two semesters will be cut.
7- Paying the loan in each semester is based on priority.
8. Applicants applying for a loan for the first time will be given priority.
9 - Students have special cases (welfare - relief committee, etc.) each semester are a priority.
10 - Fourth semester students are given priority.
11- Student loans of the Welfare Fund of the Ministry of Science will be deposited in the university account during the semester.
13. No loans will be granted to fifth semester students (excluding undergraduate students) and students with less than twelve credits (excluding postgraduate students)

Tuition loan rules:

1- Delivery of a copy of the national card and a copy of the guarantor employment order is required.
2- Delivery of the original notarized commitment, which is completed with the presence of the student and the guarantor in one of the notary offices throughout the country, which must be typed and on A4 paper.
3- Delivering a copy of the national card and student card of the loan applicant.
4- Complete Form A and submit it to the student affairs of Sepahan Institute of Higher Education of Science and Technology by the appointed date.

All of the above documents are required, otherwise the Student Welfare Fund has no obligation to repay the loan to the student

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