Sepahan University dormitory unit

Considering that the student dormitory is a living and active complex as a shelter and safe environment for the temporary group life of students with a diverse combination of social, human, psychological and psychological factors, etc., the certainty of managing and planning in such a diverse and complex complex It requires insight, foresight, self-control, politeness and attention to the affairs of the student body along with the use of correct management methods. Therefore, on this basis, Sepahan University has provided the necessary facilities for self-governing dormitories for the university.

Dormitory goals:

Providing adequate housing during students' studies due to the limitations and available facilities of the university and the optimal distribution of facilities among students
Efforts to improve the quantitative and qualitative development of dormitories
Provide and optimize physical space for residents
Provide a safe environment for dormitory students and strive to respect the personal and social privacy of students and take appropriate measures to resolve tensions
Efforts to create and establish a favorable interaction with students and benefit from their active participation in order to maintain the dormitory and improve the moral and behavioral level of students and use their points of view in developing the desired programs
Efforts to promote the culture of dormitory life

Dormitory reservation:

Dear students, to get a dormitory, you can contact Dr. Razavi's Student Affairs Unit.
University Phone: 7-36530241 Internal 139 and 119

Sepahan University Self-Government Dormitory
Sepahan Shahr - the end of Ghadir Boulevard, Kharazmi Street, 4 Azar Alley, No. 13
Management: Ms. Hosseinnejad Contact number: 09139062648

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