Happy Birthday to Hazrat Mahdi (AS)

Happy Birthday to Hazrat Mahdi (AS)

We congratulate all the professors, staff, students and lovers of that Imam on the middle of Sha'ban.

"in the name of God"

That beautiful moment from the night of mid-Sha'ban, the sky of Samarra was proud of the appearance of another miracle, and the blossoming of the last beautiful bud of the Fatimid garden in the skirt of Narges, the most beautiful oyster of creation, and Yusuf Sepid gave the enchanting black face good news Justice was revived to establish justice in the hearts and souls of justice lovers.

Blessed is the child whose pure existence purifies the world from the oppressors and tyrants, fills the earth with justice, and shatters the palaces of oppression. Blessed is Milad Nouri, who wakes up in the morning with the dew of his grace, and the sun rises in anticipation of his greeting.

He who, whenever Friday arrives, the owners of the heart lose heart and are about to leave the floor, and a caravan of restless hearts turn to the qibla and wait for its coming, and how beautiful and pleasant this waiting is.

In the middle of Sha'ban, we congratulate the birth anniversary of Hazrat Mahdi Sahib al-Zaman (AS) to all the professors, staff, students and lovers of that Imam.

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