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Ranked as Iran's best Higher Education institute by Ministry of Science and Technology

ادامه رویدادها

Admission & fields of study


Ranked as Iran's best institute by Ministry of Science and Technology
Admission based on regulations of National Organization of Educational Testing and Ministry of Science and Technology True Intrance Exam. Official Certificate Will be given to graduates.

Academic Calendar

This institute without exam admission will be offered in to semesters (autumn & spring)

Master of Scinece

Electrical Engineering - Electronic Circuits Engineering
Biomedical engineering-bioelectric

Computer-software engineering
Architectural Engineering

IT Engineering - e-Commerce Engineering
General Psychology

Business Management Marketing

Industrial Management - Production


Online Bachelor



Biomedical Engineering

Architectural Engineering

Civil Engineering

mechanical engineering

Commerce Engineering

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

Industrial Management

electrical engineering

Urban Engineering

Interior Architecture

Financial Management

Banking Management

گالری تصاویر مؤسسه

Short Introduction





Physical space Of University(square meters))


Active professors


Classes and laboratories

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